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Dr. Richard Richman, ND has over 20 years experience in helping people take their health to new levels of wellness and peak performance while teaching them how to empower themselves to really "take charge" of their health. His Holistic approach incorporates traditional chiropractic care with nutritional, emotional and supplement support along with Energy and Vibrational Medicine. His unique approach and mix of methodologies can quickly get to the core issues that may be responsible for physical problems manifesting in the body.

Dr Richman has studied and researched many diverse areas of healing. Energy, herbal and nutritional healing are core modalities he has embraced and continues to expand is knowledge and application of each. Native American healing ranks high on his list and he has a close association with a Native American healer and Medicine Woman. Click here to visit her bookstore in a new browser window.

Dr Richmanís Background and History

As a healing practitioner for over 20 years, publisher, inventor, visionary, and International lecturer, Dr. Richman has very creatively put together a healing system second to none.

The combination of advanced intuitive medicine, developed by "kinesiology", has enabled Dr. Richman to talk to the body. The body will tell us anything that we need to know. By pointing all the fingers of one hand in the direction of an organ while simultaneously muscle testing the fingers of the opposite hand, the response of the muscle test provides invaluable information.

The type of imbalances the body has at any given instant is revealed. If a strong muscle goes weak, this will tell us exactly which energy to utilize to counteract that weak disharmony.

Dr. Richman has successfully linked specific imbalances with counter balance earth energies and utilizes them in the form of acupressure patches over weak areas. In 1972 he discovered while treating people for cancer, he realized as a radiation therapy technologist, that the same utilization of radium and cobalt high energy ionizing rocks, could also utilization of lower energy, non-ionizing radiation to display beneficial results on lesser types of imbalances.

Identifying the weakness for each imbalance and matching them up with corresponding harmonious energy sources that specifically counteracted each weakness enabled him to accomplish what many others have been seeking for centuries.

Coupled with a special patented energetic application, an ultimate healing technology has been established, providing objective and subjective immediate results while extremely user-friendly.

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