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All excuses regarding good nutrition, such as convenience, cost, and quality have now been eliminated!.

NSP maintains very high standards in manufacturing and customer service. Get quality herbs and vitamins of your choice at wholesale prices! Become an independent distributor for a minimum order of only $US40.

You may also attend inexpensive, ongoing educational classes in the study of herbs and body systems across the country - some for as low as $US49. This information is valuable, as many herbal/vitamin products seen in health stores and grocery store health sections look impressive, but in actuality are not utilized well in the body.

The following guide is adapted from "Back to Herbs", published by Dr. Jack Ritchason ND, Nature's Sunshine Senior National.

1) The NSPcartTM allows you to begin exploring by looking through various categories that encompass the entire spectrum of Nature's Sunshine's products.

2) For those customers who already know exactly what they want, this area allows you to search for specific words or product names.

3) The A to Z search button allows members to search for products listed alphabetically by their names.

4) You can also base your search around particular illnesses. Please note, however, that the Shopping Cart does not prescribe medicines. It only shows what herbs or vitamins have been used historically to treat each ailment.

5) This A to Z search button also allows you to search for products by illness.

6) See which vitamins and herbs have been used for the improvement and maintenandce of specific body systems.

7) This area is where the owner of the NSP cart can see who has purchased or become a member from within their cart. Also, the cart owner has the capability to purchase from the cart and also to purchase for others that do not have a computer.

8) Allow others to get their own shopping cart. Very simple and easy to follow.

9) We use VeriSign on all secure e-Commerce transactions online. Your customer can be assured that their credit card and personal information is protected.

10) This area makes it easy to access NSP videos when searching for specific video subjects. Topics include various NSP products, along with company opportunity information.

11) Smart Start programs have been created to remove confusion in selecting products for your specific health targets. This makes it very easy for potential member signups to get the minimum product order on their first order.

12) This area explains the benefits of NSP's pet products and brings all the products together for a fast and decisive sale.

13) This area shows the potential customer all of the magnificent products that NSP has for weight loss. They are grouped together for a better presentation to the motivated buyer.

14) This area has a host of comments and testimonials from NSP customers about various products.

15) Here you can find the history as well as the research and development that has gone into each vitamin, herb, or homeopathic treatment.

16) Lifestyle Analysis - with this function, just knowing your symptoms can lead you to specific products historically used for various "illnesses".

17) The shopping cart will continually highlight all of the top-selling Nature's Sunshine products here.

18) The latest Nature's Sunshine products are listed here, complete with comprehensive information about each item.

19) The top banner section contains text links to the various sections, along with "view cart" and "check out" buttons.

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