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Dr. Richmanís Crystal Acupressure Headbands & Acupatches - Personally developed by Dr. Richman, this velcro tipped 1/2" wide headband is naturally therapeutic and scientifically proven to assist in improving mental clarity, alleviating tension, enhancing memory plus relieving headaches, fatigue, mental fogginess and panic attacks. It normalizes tissues electromagnetically... without the electrical cords to limit movement... itís ready to be used anywhere at anytime!

In addition to the headband, the same technology & process can be used else where on the body by direct external application of the Acupatches incorporating the same charged crystals used in the headband to specific area of the body needing assistance & support.

Dr. Richman was key presenter at the 1992 World Genius Convention in Tokyo, Japan with this extraordinary therapeutic modality. He was received with great enthusiasm by Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats, his host and world famous prolific inventor. The Japanese people and fellow presenters were also in awe of this unique approach of energetic medicine.

Dr. Robert Bradford, who is the inventor of the worldís most powerful microscope, also is a great supporter of Dr. Richmanís therapeutic electromagnetic applications.

With great success, Dr. Richmanís acupressure devices alleviate the symptoms of all local imbalances in the body. This simple cutting edge technology has people in amazement, resulting in hundreds of testimonials.

This crystal acupressure patch and headband technology was discovered and verified through kinesiology and live cell microscopy. To date, by researching patents and healing systems (including patent registries), nothing was found comparable to date.

The premise is that all imbalances i.e. viral, bacterial, yeast, etc., have unique electromagnetic properties. Dr. Richman has successfully found a counter EM energy to neutralize each type of imbalance in utilizing special polarized acupressure crystal bead.

This local anti-disease, energetic medicine technique is a great complement to whole body blood cleansing. "Clean blood feels good."


On one side of the headband, there are approximately eight sets of the selected gemstones symmetrically placed. A velcro fastener is provided with extra length to accommodate head size. It is to be worn around the hairline with the crystal side bias tape next to the head. Continual rubbing stimulation is required to keep it activated.

The acupressure patches and headband are a revolutionary, advanced energetic medicine technique using old world knowledge applied to todayís lifestyle.

These effective acupatches are used for aches, pains, organ dysfunction, arthritis, asthma, sore throat, bronchitis, low back pain, digestive disturbances, bladder imbalances, PMS, and many other general discomforts.

The "C" types acupressure headaches, memory, fogginess, tiredness, fatigue, and increased concentration. The "C" type acupressure shirt is worn for increased overall energy. Great to be used as a nightshirt. Special custom made shirts can be ordered for specific conditions.


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