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"Simply the best. Doctors don't come any finer."
-- Yogesh Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, speaking about Dr. Richman

"Dr. Richman has served as my doctor for sixteen years. I believe he is truly at the cutting edge of holistic medicine insofar as he has creatively adapted kinesiology to, in effect, 'get the body and its particular organs to talk' and to tell how they are doing and what needs remedying. His sense of energetic medicine has been a blessing to me in keeping my body and soul not only together but energized these many years. I can testify how Dr. Richman's approach to the body has assisted me in fulfilling my very busy schedule of work and travel. I believe that Dr. Richman's courage and simple life style testify to his strength of character. His work is visionary and demonstrates that he is ahead of his time in asking the important questions -- and coming up with working answers -- as to what healing medicine will be like in the decades to come."
--Dr. Matthew Fox, author, lecturer, President of the University of Creation Spirituality

" I have known Richard Richman, DC, ND for several years professionally and have him knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated to his work. He has the unusual willingness to stretch himself beyond the limits that most of us are bound to by our training, and pioneer into areas where most are afraid to explore. He is clearly a leader with great integrity and is not afraid to share his knowledge with all who are interested."
--Len Saputo, MD, Director of the Health Medicine Forum

DISCLAIMER: The ideas, procedures, suggestions and products contained in this storefront are not intended to replace services of a trained health professional. We recommend all matters regarding your health have medical supervision. It may be helpful to consult your physician before adopting these experimental, research orientated procedures and/or products. Any applications chosen as a result of the set forth ideas, procedures, suggestions and/or products are at the readerís discretion and therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for any and all, even though possible, temporary reactions that most commonly are due to a cleansing response.




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