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This book is written for the beginner herbal student or person who realizes that "to everything there is a purpose."; that herbs were here before doctors and that early American or English settlers did not arrive on American soil with pharmacies awaiting them.

The irony of Early American acquisition of Turtle Island (the Indian name for America) is that Indians had to teach the white man how to plant and cure ailments with herbs. Without the natural knowledge of Indians, the population of the white settlers could not have grown, as those settlers brought with them diseases, such as smallpox, which were not known to American soil or to Indians.

In the three hundred and forty years which have passed since then, the American Medical Association was formed. The AMA created schools of medicine and very diligently denied, ignored and deleted any respect for natural American Indian healing ways.

The AMA forgot that herbal therapy alone kept all the Indians alive and well for 70,000 years before the first American doctor arrived. Those first American or European doctors were kept alive by herbal medicine found on American soil.

Now herb stores have opened and begin to serve as a reminder to all wise people that a return to natural Indian ways is best for the human body. Chemical drugs have the ability to alleviate conditions but rarely cure a disease. Herbs have the power to cure the very diseases which most doctors have been unable to cure. The wisest of doctors or people will combine their knowledge with the use of herbs to combat disease. Diseases like cystic fibrosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, hypertension and lupus erythematosus are not found among American Indian tribes and the reason is clearly found in the diet and the use of herbal medicine known to Indians and passed down through many generations.

This book is the first authentic book written by an American Indian Apache woman who is also a teacher of herbal therapy. The difference between and Herbal Therapist and a doctor is the doctor rarely takes the drugs he or she prescribes. An Herbal Therapist has taken the herbs and seen first-hand their results. Herbs are not new, untested or animal-tested-only; they are not just now coming out to be dispensed to human beings like guinea pigs. Therein lies the safety of herbal medicine. The Creator placed herbs in every country in the world to cure all ills. The herbs suggested in this book work vibrationally in every race of human beings, not just for Indian people.

In the final analysis, the natural way - not the chemical way - is best for the good health and prevention of illnesses in the human body. When people place all their faith only in doctors and chemicals, they forget or ignore the Creatorís great love of people and the purposeful herbal medicine provided by Mother Nature to alleviate human suffering.. One need not have faith in herbal medicine for herbs to cure disease, but must take the herbs for the necessary amount of time, as revealed by the body. Then the proof of their worth becomes amazingly apparent.

As a registered nurse for over 30 years, I must say that it is probably a good idea now to tell your doctor that you are taking herbs to assist in your own healing. Since Herbal Therapy is unfortunately not taught in American schools of medicine, many doctors still do not have enough herbal knowledge (or enough ego strength) to accept the truth of herbal medicine, but many others are realizing its importance.




  1. Poem: "What is Wrong and Where"
  2. Preface
  3. Herbal Therapy Introduction
  4. Bodily Conditions
  5. Herbs
  6. Foot Massage / Zone Therapy Chart
  7. Conclusion
  8. Authorís Biography
  9. Personal Checklist for Herbs
  10. Index
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