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INVENTIONS: Instant Body Tuneup, Emotional Clearing, Stress-relief Acupressure Headband, Masters of our Destiny, the Polarized Crystal Energy Shirt.

World Genius Convention, 1992 - Demonstrated therapeutic inventions as the invited guest of Dr Yoshira Nakamatsu, World's foremost inventor (with more inventions than Thomas Edison).

International Lecturer - University of San Francisco Medical Center, Whole Life Expos - San Francisco/San Jose, 1982 - 1997. National Health Federation: Argentina/Hawaii/New York/Hong Kong/Nepal, 1984 - 1986.

Public TV/Radio Program - Dr. Richman's Holistic, weekly program on AT&T cable (formerly TCI) since 1996.

Weekly guest on KEST Radio show on Holistic Medicine, 1995.

Blue Ribbon Winner, Health Practitioner:1986 San Francisco County Fair.

Official Chiropractor, Trans - America Tennis Open, 1986; Virginia Slims Tennis Open, 1987

Presenter, Temporo-Mandibular Dental Seminar (accredited by California State Board of Dental Examiners), 1982.


  • Matthew Fox: Noted Theologian and Author of ORIGINAL BLESSING and THE COMING OF THE COSMIC CHRIST, among other literary works. I have been his personal doctor for over 15 years.
  • Robert W. Bradford, Phd., Author, scientific researcher. Inventor of the world's most powerful microscope, founder of AMERICAN BIOLOGIC, world's major distributor of amygladin & other metabolic products.
  • Maureen Salaman: Author of FOODS THAT HEAL and Past President of the National Health Federation.
  • Oakland/L.A. Raiders and NFL All-Pros: Lance Johnstone, Henry Lawrence, Lester Hayes, Marcus Allen, and Bobby Chandler.
  • Golden State Warriors: Purvis Short had the best game of his entire career two weeks after being treated, previously having been out 40 games with injuries.
  • Tennis Professionals: Billie Jean King; Rosie Casals; C.C. Martinez; CAL Berkeley Men's & Men's & Women's Tennis Teams, 1986 - 87.
  • Oakland Ballet:Coach and Dancers; Susan Zugirre, of the musical hit, CATS.
  • Olympic Skater:Brian Boitano
  • Bob Jackson, PhD, Pastor of Full Acts Gospel Church, Oakland, CA. 2001 Oakland Man of the Year.



  • School of Energy Mastery Graduate, 1994 Sedona, Arizona
  • Heartsong School of Healing Graduate, 1982 Berkeley, California - Completed two-year course in Intuitive Development and Healing
  • National College of Chiropractic Graduate, 1979 Lombard, Illinois - Received D.C. degree.
  • Loyola University Research, 1975 Chicago, Illinois - Specialized study in Radiation Dosimetry. Performed research in the techniques of physics/mathematical calculations of radiation dosage distribution in cancer patients.
  • San Francisco City College Graduate, 1972 - San Francisco, California Licensed Radiation Therapy Technologist






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