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Book: Healing
Book: Herbs

For the BODY:
Terrain Testing
Silver Bullet   Remedy

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Rainbow Circle









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Videos Available:
The following videos are provided by Dr. Richman as a way of reaching and helping many more people than could be seen personally at his clinic. This is your opportunity to take advantage of his unique combination of knowledge, expertise, and healing skills. Videos are priced at $US25 each, and 2-part sets are $US30 each (shipping included).

Orientation to Our Practice 1-2 (set)


Candida 1-2 (set)
Candida Intensive
Candida Yeast Physiology
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive/Colon Cleansing
Emotional Clearing 1
Emotional Clearing 2-3 (set)
Energetic Medicine
Flu and Cold Season
Holistic Medicine
IBT - Instant Body Tune-up
Lumbosacral Spine
Muscle Testing 1 (Kinesiology)
Muscle Testing 2 (Kinesiology)
Neck Care 1-2 (set)
Personal/Auto Injury
Poultice Application 1-2 (set)
Prenatal Care
Preventative Medicine
Raw Living Food
Shoulder Alignment
Thoracic Spine (mid back)
Tai Chi
Training for Holistic Healers (Orientation)
Weight Loss



DISCLAIMER: The ideas, procedures, suggestions and products contained in this storefront are not intended to replace services of a trained health professional. We recommend all matters regarding your health have medical supervision. It may be helpful to consult your physician before adopting these experimental, research orientated procedures and/or products. Any applications chosen as a result of the set forth ideas, procedures, suggestions and/or products are at the readerís discretion and therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for any and all, even though possible, temporary reactions that most commonly are due to a cleansing response.




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