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This book is written because I have had the pleasure of meeting so many beautiful people who have taken my classes, workshops and seminars. Unfortunately, the class times are limited. so I have always walked away wishing that I had more time, and always wondered what I might have forgotten to say. After many years of student requests to put this information in book form, I finally found the time and economic backing to do just that.

I have always taught people that my classes and knowledge have just one goal in mind; To improve the quality and quantity of all life. In my mind, American Indian Healing embraces the mind, body and spirit of all people.

My teaching and concerns extend to Mother Earth, her needs and all of her creatures. We are inherently connected to our Earth Mother. Our sickness or our health depends on the condition of the Earth. We have all been miseducated to believe that humans have a right to do anything we please to our Mother Earth under the label of "national security", "research," or "progress."

I have never suggested that Native Indian knowledge guarantees life without death, but rather that there are natural alternatives known to the Indians that have, for too long, been repressed. Most aggravating to me is that ignorance, racism and American medical doctors have referred to most Indian knowledge as "folklore." To an Indian mind, "folklore" implies that our native way is "mystical," "magical," "superstitious" and "could never be "worthwhile."

After being a nurse for over thirty years, watching the "White Manís Way," while ever comparing the native approach to healing, I concluded that what I teach has validity. I could not wait any longer to try to convince people in the medical field to change their thinking. My heritage goes back 70,000 years. The roots and herbs were placed on the Planet Earth by the Creator, to reveal the wisdom and the worth of natural ways of healing. The Native Way doesnít result in high death rates, as do the effects and side effects of chemical drugs.

The Native Way teaches that true healing must include taking herbs, praying, fasting, removing mental negativity, visualizing, balancing vitamins and minerals in the body, and living in harmony with the Earth. A complete natural approach to healing also utilizes other holistic disciplines such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and Chiropractic, to strengthen the individual.

Gone are the days that humans can blindly trust medical doctors, as if they are some arrogant gods. Doctors conspire with drug companies and medical insurance companies in a mighty money-making scheme, which some people are intelligent enough to examine. Doctors assume that the "risk of side effects does not outweigh the benefit" a drug can perform. Medicine Men, Medicine Women and knowledgeable herbal therapists know that if a drug "helps" the heart but destroys the kidneys or liver, that drug is bad medicine.

I donít care how great you may think your doctor is, never be afraid to get another opinion, and carefully read the information about side effects which you can obtain at your pharmacy. People must be responsible for their own health, and natural alternatives work when they are intelligently utilized. I do not tell people not to go to a doctor. I only suggest that they try some natural ways first. A broken bone must be set by an orthopedic doctor, but there are herbs which can hasten the healing process, which most orthopedic surgeons know nothing about.

This book encompasses many different approaches to healing. I hope it encourages you to think, and not to be afraid to try Mother Natureís Medicine Chest. In all my years of nursing, never have I seen one case of a person arriving at an emergency hospital "DOA" due to ingestion of herbs.

May this book be enjoyed by all the people it is written for, and all the people who have the knowledge and wisdom to read it.


May the Great Spirit Bless You,

Love Eternally,

Kachinas Kutenai

Apache Medicine Woman





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