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The Nature of Energetic Medicine

The "Subtle Flow"
Every part, organ, and function in the human body is run by electricity. It's a very subtle energy, but nothing would work without it. Muscles couldn't flex or extend, hearts couldn't pump, livers couldn't clean, bladders couldn't empty, blood couldn't flow or even hold oxygen, eyes couldn't dilate, hair couldn't grow...nothing would work.

The "ultra subtle" electrical system includes those bodies that we can't see, the etheric, emotional and mental bodies that surround the physical body. We would not be able to think or reason and could not express emotions, as well, without this subtle flow of electrical energy.

Energetic Medicine is based on this fact that we humans are an intricate network of energy systems that are remarkably complex and exquisitely coordinated. This is now accessable information. The energy carried by these systems flows through each cell of our body. The purpose of that energy is to communicate back and forth with all parts and organs of the body. Ask the right question, get the right answer. What, where, when, how, and how much are all answers the body knows and can readily reveal.

Treating Symptoms or Causes?
Why should you be interested in Energetic Medicine as an option and compliment to conventional Allopathic medicine? Energetic Medicine is based on the belief that our bodies, mind, emotions, and spirits function as an interdependent system - and that the health (or illness) of one part can affect the well-being and vitality of every other part.

So rather than just dealing with a symptom or one affected body part, Energetic Medicine looks at the whole person. Why? Because many times the symptom is just the outward, physical manifestation of the actual underlying cause.

Many illnesses and diseases are caused by emotional or stess-related issues. To just treat the symptom, as most conventional medicine does today, doesn't address or solve the core problem. Thus the symptom may well reappear.

Prevent Rather Than React
While this is beginningto change slowly, the general mode of operation for traditional western medicine is to wait for physical symptoms to appear before intervening in a person's health care. Insurance companies and more empowered patients are now pressing for changes and reforms to this approach.

"A humanbeing is not a frozen sculpture, but a river of energy and information that is constantly renewing itself." --Deepak Chopra

Illness shows up in our energies long before manifesting itself in physical symptoms. It is much easier to treat an impalance while it is still only a disturbance in the energy field than to wait until it has progressed into a physical symptom that is far more traumatic, entrenched, and difficult to reverse. Many people would call this Preventive Medicine and it is a major part of the "Mission Statement" of most Energetic Medicine practitioners.

Energetic Medicine practitioners can use various techniques to reestablish proper energy flow through the body and put the body's systems back in balance before a physical symptom appears. These preemptive methods mean that potential problems can be stopped before they appear as far more difficult to treat illnesses or diseases.

If a physical symptom has already appeared, Energetic Medicine can work in a more gentle and natural way to cause the energies that were out of balance and caused the appearance of the physical symptoms to begin to reverse the process. Depending on the nature of the problem, a realigning or balancing of energies can, many times, relieve the physical symptoms - again without radiation, surgery, or drugs. Which would you prefer?


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