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Spirit is the Key to Communication in the New Year

Each holiday obervance season -- whether it is Christmas, Hanukah, or Easter -- has its own spiritual significance. Our personal connection to the holiday season is a direct reflection of our health. Biochemically, sugar consumption is usually the biggest health detriment.

Energetically there is certainly another consideration. The Christmas/Hanukah season has an air of divinity, so it is a little easier to relate to Spirit as opposed to say, Halloween! Spirit is what we make of it. And at this resolution time of year, it is important to realize that Spirit is what brings a New Year's resolution into actualization.

It's really no surprise that New Year's resolutions often consist of losing weight, quitting smoking, or changing your attitude. Eash shares the commonality of the relationship to one's own body's limitations. It is the body that has the inherent "Sacred Knowledge" to unlock the mysterious combination of necessary ingredients that turns any pursued goal into an actual, genuine happening event.

These days, most people think that they have to go to an expert to tell them what to do or how to do it. In actuality, our bodies know exactly what is needed to end certain undesirable habits. As an individual becomes more self-accepting, there is an increased comfort level of relating to one's own body. In turn, the concept of communicating innate truths with one's own body becomes naturally apparent. Biofeedback systems can be an example of how this can be quantified and measured physically.

Kinesiology, commonly referred to as muscle testing, which is a very learnable and provable skill, is applicable in both professional and personal ways. As a healer, I have utilized this skill for the past 20 years with excellent results. The knowledge of knowing what, when, or were about the state of one's body generates numerous new possibilities for communication between one's physical and spiritual body.

When on the course of ending negative habits, this valuable innate communication skill can really deliver answers that are otherwise elusive. Applying the answers effectively makes the difference between having good intentions and actually attaining the end goal. The combination of good self-communication, courage, diligence, focus, and will power is the only way to go beyond first base right into home plate for this year's resolutions.

In a more esoteric context, Spirit resides in all of us. It's always there for the asking. Our higher spiritual self can guide us towards attainment of our goals in life. Coincidences and serendipity are our road signs along the way that help us to know that we are on track.

In order to communicate any critical goal to yourself or anyone else, it helps to know that there is a such a thing as a person's Spiritual Higher Self. This concept works extremely well to communicate with another person's Spiritual Higher Self when under challenging circumstances. This must be done in a meditative format before actually speaking face to face with the person. Try it for yourself! First, relax, concentrate on your breathing, and say what you need to say addressing your Spiritual Higher Self, or that of the person you need to communicate with.

This application literally sets the mood in the right direction and assists with the outcome of desired communication goals. Many of my patients have expressed their delight when applying this technique with challenging communications with their families. A once seemingly locked situation suddenly shows new doors opening toward improved communication. Or one could say, the communication was "Touched by Spirit!"

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