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Apache Medicine Woman, R.N.

Kutenai was born on Gila River Reservation in Arizona in January 1935. Though she began life as a traditional Native American, learning natural ways at the foot of her blind grandmother, a series of events led to acculturation into "mainstream" society. She became a Registered Nurse, served in the Army Nurse Corps, married, and had two children. She was involved in the 1960's Civil Rights movement and worked with troubled youth and drug and alcohol abusers.

After a heart attack and other illnesses brough her near death, she began to walk a spiritual path, and returned to the reservation for healing and study of the traditional healing arts. She became a Sacred Pipe Holder, healer, teacher, and Medicine Woman. Because of the contradictions between the medical profession and the natural way, Kutenai gave up nursing to devote more time to the Sacred Rainbow Circle. Through her teaching and spiritual activities, she is making her contribution to the spiritual evolution of humankind. She is the author of: American Indian Healing, Medicine Woman Speaks, and Treatment for AIDS & HIV; and is one of the featured authors in Red Moon Passage.


Herbal Therapist & Counselor - 1970 - present

  • Specializes in spiritual approaches to mental, physical, and spiritual healing for individuals and couples.
  • Effectively motivates people to stop abuse of drugs and alcohol by providing herbal, mineral and vitamin supplements, sweat lodges and prayer, in addition to private counseling.
  • Also teaches meditation and visualization to assist in healing and personal growth. Clients come and call from all over the world.

Teacher and Lecturer - 1965 - present

  • Multicultural - Environmental Speaker: Many groups including San Diego State University.
  • American Indian Healing: International and through various colleges and organizations, including the Learning Annex, Whole Life Expos, etc. Includes natural and Native American approaches to healing, use of herbs, minerals, vitamins, reflexology, prayer, visualization and meditation.
  • Native American Concepts: Grades K-12. Nevada and California schools. Includes storytelling, inter-connectedness of all things and respect for Mother Earth and creatures.
  • Race Awareness, Sensivity, and Minority History: University of California, Berkeley. Course designed to dispel racism and sexism and share Native American philosophy. Elective course, 300 students enrolled (largest at that time for U.C. Berkeley).
  • Multicultural Teacher: Berkeley, California and Nevada elementary schools.

Human Relations Counselor/Consultant - August 1994 - March 1995.
National Civilian Community Corps

  • Counseled adult staff and young corps members (ages 18-24) to achieve greater harmony and decrease racism, sexism and speciesism.
  • Identified racist and sexist practices among staff and Corps members, and assisted in conflict resolution.
  • Provided crisis intervention with regard to suicide, rape and gang mentality of problematic youth of all races.
  • Traveled to Maryland and Colorado to provide harmony seminars for 1,000 Corps members.

Registered Nurse - 1957 - 1983.

  • Worked full time in several hospitals (Kaiser Hospitals in California, Merrit Hospital in Oakland, other hospitals in Philadelphia, Denver, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Reno).
  • Duties covered every department including obstetrics and teaching seminars in Death and Dying.
  • Offered sensivity and harmony seminars for nursing staff in most Kaiser Hospitals in California.
  • Also worked in home health nursing.

Youth Organized and United (YOU) - 1965 - 1972.

  • Wrote grants, received $300,000 grant for High Intention Potential project for delinquent youth.
  • Articles about this successful project appeared several times in San Francisco newspapers.
  • Personal invovement included speaking to students in an effective way to stop riots, intervening in a way which saved the life of a high school principal.
  • Duties included:
    *Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor
    *Job Procurement Officer
    *Manager of Halfway House for 30 teenagers
    *National Educational Coordinator


Human Relations Counselor/Consultant, Medicine Woman - 1970 - present.

As a Medicine Woman, I have administered to members of the Paiute, Shoshone, Apache, Navajo, Hopi, Algonquin, Washo, Wailakie, Pomo and Sioux Nations.

Medicine Woman/R.N. Provider - 1987 - 1989 and 1991-1993.

  • Consolidated Tribal Health Project, Ukiah, California. Provided traditional Medicine, treating members of the Pomo tribe with herbs, healings, and prayers. Participated in ceremonies and sweat lodges.
  • Participated and lectured: consolidated Tribal Health Day of Healing, Blessing and Recovery for Indian People.
  • Youth Camp. Led herb walk, medicine wheel ceremony. Taugh how to make walking sticks. Spoke to young women regarding sex education. Provided blessing for Consolidated Tribal Health rededication.
  • Received Grandmother Time Honoring Ceremony from appreciative Pomo women.

Protester -

Protested building of nuclear dump site on Shoshone land (with Shoshone leaders). Also protested toxic or environmentally unsound facilities proposed on Native American Land.

Board of Directors - Nevada Urban Indians - 1989 - 1990. Reno, Nevada.

Keynote Speaker - 1989. Sacramento Indian Health Conference.

Prison Spiritual Advisor - 1971 - 1989.

  • Spiritual advisor and Medicine Woman to male and female inmates of all races in California and Nevada prisons.
  • Built and consecrated many sweat lodges.
  • Spoke and wrote to many authorities in support of the rights of Native American inmates.
  • Taught classes: supplied necessary herbs, minerals and vitamins for improved health of many inmates.

Earth Games - 1989. Irvine, California

  • Led closing ceremony and prayer for international children's Olympics.
  • Event included children from USSR, Japan, Mexico, and Sweden.
  • United States was represented by 21 Native American children from Markleeville, California, who danced in closing ceremony.
  • Received pennant from Russian participants in appreciation.

Wa-Pai-Shone Indian Art Show - Gardnerville, Nevada. Three years. - Invocations and ceremonies.


Sacred Rainbow Circle Foundation - nonprofit corporation. 1987 - present.

  • Founder.
  • Goal is to build a Center of Light (an environmental learning center) which denies racism and sexism, and provides Native American philosophy.
  • Native Americans will be encouraged to learn their native languages and better know their proud heritage, so lacking in current United States education.
  • Red, black, white, yellow, and brown multicultural pyramid-shaped museums will contain the best contributions from all races to restore pride not based on prejudice.

National Conference of Christians and Jews - Board of Directors. 1990 - 1991.


Conferences - 1980 - present.

  • International Conferences. 1994 - present.
  • Learning Annex, 1987 - present.
  • Whole Life Expos, 1986 - present.
  • W.I.S.E. ( Women Involved in Sports Evolution) 100 Strong Conference,1997.
  • Ventura College, 1997.
  • Star Nations Gathering, 1997.
  • Third World Counselors' Association Conference, 1995.
  • Women's Conference on HIV, 1991.

Panel Speaker

  • CNN News Network, "Your Health," November 1996.
  • Learning Annex, "Native American Prophecies Fulfilled," 1995.


Testimonial Letters - available upon request.


Medicine Woman - Changed patient's blood from HIV-positive to HIV-negative (the only woman known to have accomplished this).

Speaker - U.S. House of Representatives Sub-Committee on Health and Environment. July 1993. Defended rights of individuals to purchase herbs and other nutritional supplements without interference from the FDA.

Journalistic Subjects -

  • Inside Journal, August 1997
  • The Share Guide, June 1997
  • San Francisco Chronicle (and affiliates), May 1997
  • Psychic Reader, May 1997
  • New Visions Journal, February 1991
  • Better World Magazine, December 1992
  • Elle Magazine, May 1991
  • Bestways Magazine
  • San Diego Union-Tribune
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Nevada Gazette-Journal
  • Incline (Nevada) Daily News


Local Author of the Year - San Diego Library. 1991.

Lover of Nature Award - Nevada Parks System. 1987. For annual herb walks led. Over 200 people participated in one herb walk.

Teacher Appreciation Award - Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, Nevada, 1983. Grove of pine trees planted by grateful students.


Tribal -

  • Barbara Grummann, Pomo. San Francisco, California
  • Alyce Williams, Paiute-Shoshone. Reno, Nevada
  • Glenn Wasson, Paiute-Shoshone. Susanville, California
  • Amelia Brezanovich, Paiute. Sparks, Nevada

Professional -

  • Susan Ramos, M.D., Reno, Nevada
  • Nanette Hancock, Ph.D., Richmond, California
  • Kathy M. Chandler, Woodstock, California
  • Ellen Gabel, M.D., San Diego, California
  • George Hutchinson, NCCC Project Director, San Diego, California

Books Authored -

Buffalo Spirits Rising - in progress
Where's My Pony? - in progress
Red Moon Passage - Bonnie Horrigan anthology
Medicine Woman Speaks - Available here
American Indian Healing - Available here



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