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Welcome to Advanced Holistic Systems -
Self-Help Solutions for Maximum Health!

Quality health allows us to experience life as our true selves. Only when we are our true selves, on the path of wellness, we can make the unique and positive differences we are capable of.

Day to day health needs fall into one of the following categories:

1) Prevention,
2) Pain Relief,
3) Repair, and
4) General Maintenance.

We seek to address each of these with solutions
for mind, body, and spirit that will also save you
time and money.

Among these are:


Advanced Holistic Systems

Nature's Sunshine Nutritional Products - This is a vital section to visit if you are truly serious about your health.This Self-Help tool comes in the form of a 35-year old company with wholesale pricing opportunities. Buy online and have these wonderful products shipped directly to your door in 3 working days!

Dr. Richman's Wellness Enhancement Products - This Holistic Energy Master has utilized a wide spectrum of healing modalities for 20 years. Computerized Biological Terrain Testing, when combined with this knowledge, provides for superior individual health plans.

- His crystal headband and acupressure patch inventions have been useful in dealing with the challenges of mental confusion, sleeplessness, headaches and anxiety. These are not magnets but instead, specific tested crystals. There is nothing like this is on the market today!

- His Silver Bullet spray works great for prevention, during and post cold & flu symptoms. You'll want to stock up on this one - he can hardly keep up with the demand.

Kutenai's Native American Products - This Apache American Indian Medicine Woman, with 30 years of RN experience, is an internationally known speaker and author.

- In the true spirit of holistic health, she graciously offers two invaluable comprehensive books; "American Indian Healing" and "A Simple Introduction to the Use of Herbs". Both are written with ageless universal wisdom and spirit.

- Classes, numerological readings, counseling, and ceremony opportunities also await your inquiry.



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