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Venture Equity Latin America is the only source of timely, accurate and comprehensive information on the Latin American private equity and venture capital industry. Published twice a month, it will keep you abreast of the latest deals, exits and new funds. Read it and know where the smart money is headed. Learn from the competition's successes…and mistakes.

Your annual subscription will bring you 24 hard-hitting issues - delivered electronically - detailing:

  • All the private equity, venture capital and project finance transactions as they occur. Learn where the best deal flow comes from and how deals are structured to protect investors in today's volatile political and economic climate.
  • All the important players, from big name fund managers with cash on hand to boutique investment bankers with access to the most exciting opportunities.
  • New funds being formed targeting the entire region or parts of it and the strategies managers have designed to generate returns for their limited partners or sponsors.
  • All the full and partial exits from investments and whether they met the investors' expectations.
  • Insiders' perspectives on legal, political and economic developments in each of the main markets that affect your business.
  • What makes specific firms tick, their take on a particular country or industry, and what the key personnel bring to the table.
  • Statistics on who is investing, what and where they're buying and how much they're paying. Useful facts and figures that will make your life easier as you take your ideas on the road.

Venture Equity Latin America is published and edited by Holly Johnson, the former senior editor of the recently discontinued Latin American Private Equity Analyst newsletter. The new venture builds upon her reputation for clear and honest reporting earned over nearly five years at the helm of the industry’s publication of record. Venture Equity Latin America brings more of the same but better. Delivery twice a month by email means you get the news faster and wherever you need it. VE-LA Publications guarantees:

  • Accuracy: all stories are based on first-hand reporting, not hearsay, local press reports nor PR-speak
  • Timeliness: Venture Equity Latin America is your hotline to the latest developments. The editors have their fingers on the industry's pulse.
  • Depth: Venture Equity Latin America covers all stages of private investing, from seed-stage venture rounds to buyouts and exits. Venture Equity Latin America includes big and small players because new firms as well as old hands are shaping the development of the industry in the region.
  • Convenience: Venture Equity Latin America is delivered by email on the first and third Monday of each month. Gone are the days of depending on your local postal service or missing the news while you're away on a business trip. Coming soon, subscribers can download the latest issue from this Web site and search archives as well!

Subscribe today for the low Charter Member price of only $895.00 --for a limited time only! The no risk subscription means you can cancel your subscription at any time for a full refund on all remaining issues. Email customer service at for multiple subscription discounts and advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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