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Conway, North Carolina is a long way from Greensboro. It’s an even longer way from San Francisco. It’s a long way from a home that was broken, but had the lovingest Grandmother that a little girl could ever have. It’s a long way from the Church choir, and a long way from being that shy little girl in the high school glee club.

That was a long time ago. . . and it was just yesterday.

When Gerri Harris styles a song, she’s styling an experience, a remembrance, a love affair - perhaps a disappointment - but most of all, a spiritual awakening.

The San Francisco Bay Area is her home. She’s lived here most of her adult life. She was mentored by world renowned pianist Merrill Hoover, of the Merrill Hoover Trio and studied vocally with Barbara’s Streisand’s vocal coach - the one and only Ms. Judy Davis.

Gerri got her start classically enough by sitting in on gigs at the New Orleans Room of the Fairmont Hotel as well as other spots in the immediate area. It was called ‘paying your dues’ in those days because Disco was the rage and Jazz Vocalists were not in demand. But classic Jazz was classic for a reason. Disco came and went. But Jazz will always be jazz.

Gerri has worked with Pianist Jane Hastay for nearly two years at “The Lobby” in Rockridge, and then at “His Lordship’s” at the Berkeley Marina with the Muziki Roberson trio. She worked with Herb Gibson and Quartet at Sunday Afternoon cocktail shows at Jimmie’s Nightclub for over a year.

Gerri has performed at Hilton Towers, Hyatt Hotels, Claremont, Marriott and countless venues throughout the Bay Area. She has been privileged to work in Theatre with International Jazz vocalist/pianist Scotty Wright in “What is This Thing Called Jazz?” at the Dean Lesher Theatre of Arts in Walnut Creek; and “Lady sings the Blues”, as well as “Dukes & Divas” at the Black Repertory Theatre in Berkeley.

Her repertoire ranges from Billie Holliday, to Nancy Wilson, to Aretha Franklin. Gerri sings “My Funny Valentine” and moves it to another level. Her rendition of “Guess Who I Saw Today” is pure ear candy. And when you hear her sing “Dr. Feelgood ……you can feel the experience.

Gerri Harris is the featured vocalist with the Mel-tones every Thursday at Camranh Bay in San Mateo. Watch for her other performances throughout the Bay Area.

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