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GAVELNET.COM has developed a program to alleviate the single most critical concern buyers and sellers have when transacting high-value items online: fraud. Through our exclusive Transaction Guaranteed™ program, every seller’s transaction conducted on the site is assured against fraud for up to $1 million, providing an unprecedented level of protection. In addition, buyers are backed by our Comprehensive Buyer Protection plan which provides a five-day money back guarantee on any item purchased on GAVELNET.COM. Through this program, guaranteed by GAVELNET.COM and backed by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, sellers can provide buyers with access to a broad selection of premium collectibles and art objects from around the world in a safe and convenient online auction environment.

Transaction Guaranteed™ is a comprehensive transaction protection and shipping services program that is unmatched in the online industry. Through this program, offered exclusively by GAVELNET.COM, buyers and sellers both are assured a secure, satisfying online experience. Every transaction conducted on the GAVELNET.COM website is backed by Transaction Guaranteed™.

Components of the Transaction Guaranteed™ program:

Comprehensive Buyer Protection
Lots offered on the GAVELNET.COM auction site are warranted to be exactly
   as they are represented on the site
Buyers receive a full five-day money back guarantee if an item is found to be different
   from the one that was represented on the site
Buyers may bid and buy with confidence, knowing that GAVELNET.COM
   warrants the integrity of the item and the transaction

SafeShip™ Worldwide Packing and Shipping Services

GAVELNET.COM provides pickup, packing, safe shipping and delivery of every item sold
   on the GAVELNET.COM auction site through our exclusive SafeShip™ program
Buyers are assured a secure transaction and single point accountability through
   GAVELNET.COM from beginning to end

How it Works

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder's credit card is charged and the money held until the transaction is completed. The auctioned lot is picked up from the dealer, packed and shipped through our SafeShip™ program, and delivered safely to the successful buyer. The buyer has five days from the moment of receipt to inspect and verify the integrity of the item. At the end of the five-day money back guarentee period, if the buyer does not make a claim, the funds are released to the seller.

If during this five-day period, the buyer finds any cause for concern, he may file a claim with GAVELNET.COM, and GAVELNET.COM will engage certified appraisal services to inspect and verify the claim. If this inspection supports the buyer's claim, the buyer's money is refunded in full.

For more information or to file a claim, please contact Customer Care at 888-428-3571 or contact us by clicking here .




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