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Modern To Post Modernity
by William Packer

There is not the space here properly to comprehend a millennium that has brought us from the glories of the Romanesque to, well, our present postmodern glories. But one can make the general point that...
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Overshadowed Era Comes Into Its Own
by Alice Rawsthorn

Ask a design buff to name the most influential designers of the early 20th century, and they will probably rattle off a list of modernist pioneers such as Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand...
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Urbanization and the Woodblock Print in Edo Period Japan
by Jeff Matt

Occasionally something taken for granted as ordinary by its maker is viewed by another who is removed culturally, socially or chronologically from the work’s original production. Sometimes, upon being experienced from a new perspective...
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A preview of extraordinary lots and special collections upcoming on GAVELNET.COM.

Greta garbo  

•   Alexander Calder

•   Elegance in Glass and Light

•  A Toast to Hollywood

under the hammer

Distinctive lots which have sold on GAVELNET.COM.


•  Original Eloise Book

•   Rock the Block - Guitars

•   Cappiello Art Poster


  art focus  
  Ming Porcelain
In the field of ceramics, porcelain has historically been the most highly valued product. Made from kaolin-rich clay which contains other minerals such as silica and even traces of iron...
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Louis Comfort Tiffany
Incandescent beauty appropriately describes the renowned glasswork of Tiffany Studios.
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