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GAVELNET.COM, in partnership with MGM studios, proudly presents an online auction of items from the new MGM release Return To Me, starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.

Open for bidding from April 17-26, this auction features the cast's wardrobe, props, paintings, CDs, a collection of cast on-set production photos, DKNY sunglasses, ladies' wristwatches, friendship rings, easels, and much much more. This groundbreaking event offers bidders a prime chance to purchase memorabilia from a first-run film.

Premiering nationwide on April 7th, this touching film tells the story of two people drawn together by fate and is sure to capture the hearts of moviegoers across the country. GAVELNET.COM invites you to bid on a piece of this film for your own private collection!

Click here to browse a special selection of the cast's wardrobe worn by the stars of Return to Me.

Click here to browse a special selection of props and equipment used in Return to Me.


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