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15 TIPS -
to help you avoid too much fat:

1. Steam, boil, or bake vegetables, or for a change, stir-fry in a small amount of vegetable oil.

2. Season vegetables with herbs and spices rather than with sauces, butter, or margarine.

3. Try lemon juice on salads or use limited amounts of oil-based salad dressing.

4. To reduce saturated fat, limit your use of butter, and try to avoid margarine and shortening entirely. As hydrogenated products, they contain trans-fatty acids, which are undesirable. In baked products, when possible, use oil instead of butter.

5. Try whole-grain flours to enhance flavors of baked goods made with less fat and fewer cholesterol-containing ingredients.

6. Replace whole milk with skim or lowfat milk in puddings, soups, and baked products.

7. Substitute plain lowfat yogurt, blender-whipped lowfat cottage cheese, or buttermilk in recipes that call for sour cream or mayonnaise.

8. Choose lean cuts of meat.

9. Trim fat from meat before and/or after cooking.

10. Roast, bake, broil, or simmer meat, poultry, or fish.

11. Remove skin from poultry before cooking.

12. Cook meat or poultry on a rack so the fat will drain off. Use a nonstick pan for cooking so added fat will not be necessary.

13. Refrigerate meat or poultry broth until the fat becomes solid. Spoon off the fat before using the broth.

14. Limit egg yolks to one per serving when making scrambled eggs. Use additional egg whites for larger servings.

15. Try substituting egg whites in recipes calling for whole eggs. For example, use two egg whites in place of each whole egg in muffins, cookies, and puddings.

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