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Muscle Strength Self-Analysis

I believe one of the main reasons we exist is to become harmonious with our environment and, in turn, experience the oneness with our Creator. There are many pathways to source. This is the most direct conscious one I have found thus far. We can use our own muscle strength to monitor everything we want to know. Knowingness is to understand why - what is. With this, one can engage in a process of "LETTING GO" and move through blockages in our individual sacred pathways much more readily.

There are a lot of ways we can test the strength of a muscle. One way is to bring one arm straight out in front of you and push down with the opposite hand. And alternate way is to bring the thumb and the index finger together and with the other hand pull through that and see how much srength you have for the muscle test as far as the strength of two fingers.

The one I like the best is pushing my index finger and my third finger against each other. With this muscle analysis technique, there is a certain way of thinking, that really helps a lot. These two neighboring fingers up to this point have been mainly used for utilitarian purposes. Now, you're going to enable them to assist in a more creative way. The nerves going to these fingers need to take on new diagnostic, informative and monitoring functions. Just like learning how to ride a bicycle or learning to write, or any new activity that you are going to learn to do in life, you need to train yourself.

The nerves going to these fingers actually go up your arm into the brachial plexus and into the spinal cord. The spinal cord proceeds into your brain, and hooks into a part of your brain that will actually help you function these two fingers. So, that part of your brain is going to have to be taught what to do, when, and how to do it. You are going to do the teaching. It's just a matter of programming yourself and conditioning your brain to take on a new function.

Some people are able to learn this immediately, and some people take four months to do it. But I guarantee you if you do it consistently, you will get it. This "MUSCLE STRENGTH ANALYSIS" is a really great tool because you can learn about yourself. It is a way of setting up a dialogue with yourself and know much of what's going on all the time on any level be it physical, nutritional, emotional, acupuncture, homeopathy or infection. If you want to be even more creative, you can figure out what your dreams mean. It also can enhance your thinking in a more creative manner. The process really makes you think about what true reality is. There is always something meaningful to think about with purpose.

The index finger is the variable strength finger. This finger can either be strong, or it can be weak. I like to see things in black and white. Some people want to see all sorts of variable strengths, but that is confusing to me. Either it's strong "YES" or it is a weak "NO."

The pad of the third finger is pressing against the fingernail of the index finger. This is the finger that has the constant strength and is the finger that you are testing with. In analyzing something that is not harmonious with you, such white, refined sugar (you can hold the sugar or put the sugar on your tongue) the nerves going from your tongue to your brain will provide the signal back to your muscle to let you know if this is a strong or weak substance and is evidenced by the corresponding strong or weak muscle. In this case, sugar will provide you with a weakness. With this technique, you can start training these nerves in your mouth, going to your brain, what's good and what's not. These nerves really don't know. The don't have a consciousness of their own. With most people, it helps to start by telling one's self "this sugar is not good for me" and consciously letting the muscle go weak. In people with blockages, the brain doesn't know what response to tell the nerves and muscles because they literally haven't told the brain what's good and what's bad. So this is one good way of training your brain to communicate with your nerves and muscles. Put the sugar on your tongue. Test your fingers and if you don't get a weak index finger response that you think you are going to get, pretend. That is to say, let the index finger go weak. It's just like learning to ride a bicycle. Some kids need training wheels. This is where your pretend stuff comes in real handy and it's fun. Just be sure in the beginning you have absolute conscious knowingness of what is strong and what is weak that you are testing.

So in pretending the index finger muscle is weak, let it bend all the way over, with your middle finger pushing it. You've got something you know that's not good for you on your tongue, and you let the muscle go weak. Then you get a piece of fruit that you know is good and you taste that, and you say "I know this is good for me," and let the muscle of the index finger stay strong, or erect straight out. What helps this is adding another mental dimension simultaneously. Some people are more visually oriented with their mind. Some people are more kinesthetic. (Muscle testing is actually kinesthetic, feeling, touching). Sometimes your visual mind can tell you things that your kinesthetic finger isn't going to tell you and sometimes your finger will tell you things that your mind won't tell you. So it's nice to have both and train your mind in being able to ask it questions and come to conclusions that will give your fingers a correct response and vice versa.

In your mind, as you are doing the Finger Test, I suggest you do a visualization of a red and greeen traffic light, red being stop or no answer, green being go or yes. You put the fruit in your mouth and you know that's good food, and you visualize the stop light being green. That's a positive "yes" strength. You relay that information, or simultaneously let the finger be strong. Taste the white sugar and see the red light in your head and coordinate the two. You want to do this kind of testing and training in your mind with every sense organ. With what you taste, hear, see, smell, and thought -- all the senses. This is because each sense has it's own ramifications in your mind to be able to govern what is strong and what is weak.

If you can train all of the senses, then you will be able to program your biocomputer a lot faster, and more thoroughly. Some people need to practice four times a day for four minutes, for four months before they really get it. Do all the senses every day at most any free moment. You can think of something that's true, or that's false and participate in this muscle strength analysis. Everybody has a couple of minutes during the day, where they are not doing anything or just relaxing, riding the bus or waiting for a stop light. It's just a matter of being a little more efficient and putting the mind to good use at any given moment that allows.

The nice thing about the finger analysis with one hand, is that you've got the other hand free. So you can go into the store and buy products, such as vitamins, and touch the product and see if it's good or not. This is especially helpful in a nutrition store. At least 25% of the products in a nutrition store is garbage. The label looks good, but unless you know energy, unless you know how to test the product there is really no way of telling. You get a bottle, you pick it up and it may be strong. This is where it can sometimes get really tricky. There is a "Law of Energy." That is, if you have two weaknesses, and the two weaknesses are touching each other, it makes a strength. What you want to do is hold the top of the bottle where the nutrition substance itself isn't located. Test it. If it's weak and then you hold the bottle where the nutirition substance is and it's strong, you know there's a weak nutrition inside the bottle. The weak nutrition and the weak bottle are cancelling each others weakness out and making a strength. Just like in Algebra, a negative number multiplied by a negative number makes a positive number. Mathematics is one of the rulers of the universe.

Another good use is to go to the grocery store and figure out "What do I want to eat tonight?" What does my body want? It will tell you, if it wants vegetables or protein, how much and when. Just get your body what it wants. Let your spirit guide you. Tap into higher consciousness. I believe we can live forever if we take care of ourself properly. We have self-perpetuating mechanisms and all we need to do is listen to our bodies and care enough to be able to follow our inner wisdom.

We can take one hand and scan our body by pointing all our fingers together toward an organ and if there is a weakness, your fingers on the opposite hand you are testing with will display the weakness. Your body knows everything subconsciously. If you do enough clearing, you can ask your body why that organ is weak, "Is it physical?" "Is it nutritional?" "Is it emotional?" "Is it acupressure?" "Is it homeopathic?" "Is it an infection?" With each question, do the finger muscle strength analysis.

Your body will tell it exactly what it wants. The correct answer or reason why your organ is weak will display a strength. Again, we've got two related weaknesses that cancel each other and provide a strength. The weakness of the organ itself and the cause (physical, nutritional, emotional, acupuncture, homeopathy or infection) of the weakness make a strength. By sensing the cause by itself, you can determine what can reverse the organ weakness. For example, a misaligned bone causing a sore back is a muscle weakness which can correspond to an initial cause, an organ weakness. The two weaknesses make a strength. The organ by itself could show the initial cause/weakness of a downward or gravitational physical displacement. Position the organ upwards and you have regained a strength of the organ and also strengthen the corresponding muscle, aligning the bone causing the sore back.

The weakness is a physical weakness, you usually have to lift the organ up and get it into place. If it's nutritional weakness, you just eat whatever and however much herb, vitamin, mineral or protomorphigyn that organ wants. If Homeopathic, you give that. Acupressure -- do Ti Chi or simply rub the point where your body tells you; top/bottom, front/back. Ask and receive the body's input. If it's emotions, it gets a little bit more trickier. Diffusion and transformation is a whole seminar in itself. With "MSA" (Muscle Strength Analysis), you can let go and eliminate stress by getting to the cause, defusing it and transforming it. If you don't have stress coming out of your body and you're a lot more clear, you can see and realize things, the fog dissipates and manifestatoins do ensue.


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