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You are now viewing the all-new Alameda Chamber of Commerce web site. It is an Internet destination that we are confident Alameda's businesspeople, visitors, and residents will find both useful and enjoyable.

Design. . .
Dressed in uplifting shades of Alameda blue and white, the new site is designed both to catch the eye, and to provide a soothing invitation to explore all that the Chamber - and the community - have to offer. The three images at top right compliment the new logo treatment, and were specifically chosen to represent the three main areas of Chamber/community interaction: Lifestyle, Government, and Business.

But this is much more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The new site also features full search capability and easy navigation to go along with its bright, inspiring new look. In addition, there is now a detailed site map included, which allows you to see an overview of the entire site and go to any specific section of interest with just one click.

Content has been beefed up and categorized for easy use. Newsletter articles, demographic information, education and employment resources, events calendar, contact information and much more are all arranged for intuitive locating and easy reading.

Navigation. . .
The site is divided into seven major categories, represented by the buttons at left. Each category has a specific color code, which appears when the button is rolled over and is also seen as a thin bar across the top of each interior page. Subcategories are listed as links at the top and bottom of the content section of each page.



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