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  • Local, regional, and international governments
  • Financial institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Attorneys
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Relocation firms
  • Real estate firms
  • Utilities

have all benefitted from from Hibbitts Consulting's 35 years of appraisal and expert witness experience.

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Our Clients Include:

Consultant to the Assessor City and County of San Francisco - Consultant on major assessment appeals cases.

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority Project Manager and Consultant - Consultant work to develop and implement policy and procedures manuals for the Properties Division and the five sub-departments of that division. This required interaction with Federal and Provincial Ministries, analysis of various Acts and governing documents required to develop B.C. Hydro policy and setting out step-by-step methods of implementation, including appraisal and acquisition manuals.

West Coast Transmission Company, Vancouver, B.C. -
Consultation on impact of gas lines on agricultural lands in the Frasier Valley of British Columbia interior, which was the first study of its kind in Canada, and most rcent in Western United States at that time.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Land Department, San Francisco, CA -
Right of Way Agent-Appraiser: Environmental and land use planning, including project coordination, with heavy emphasis on feasibility studies. Responsible for fee, special acquisition and right of way acquisition.

Coastal Acquisition Unit: performed appraisals and economic studies regarding all company land available for disposition. In addition, appraised, negotiated and acquired facilities such as tower line, pole line and gas line easements and performed site analysis on various major projects (i.e., service center, power plants, geothermal stream plant sites).

Political and Governmental Affairs: Coordinated with governmental agencies and the public at large special utility legislation regarding nuclear power plants and special co-generation projects.

Right of Way Agent (Condemnation): Handled condemnation actions for property to be acquired through eminent domain proceedings; acted as liaison between Land Department and Law Department; field checked and determined rights necessary for construction, operation and maintenance of facilities; and appraised subject lands.

Land Acquisition Coordinator: Managed purchase of easements in northern California, releasing jobs to appropriate department for subject facilities construction upon completion.

Republic of Croatia - Business development and contract screening for the Croatian Republic of the country of Yugoslavia for development of infrastructure, privatization of Real Estate, and capital infusion into the new fledgling nation.


From individual to corporate and government ownership, local or international, Hibbitts Consulting has assisted in appraising and protecting investments for over two decades. Contact Hibbitts Consulting for your expert witness needs in the following areas:

  • Appraisal
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Condemnation & Eminent Domain
  • Easements
  • Economic Studies
  • Environment
  • Feasibility
  • Historic Buildings & Landmarks
  • Right of Way
  • Virtually any aspect of land or building plans, needs or projects

Commercial Appraisals

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E-mail or phone us to learn more details about our client experience and how we can maximize and maintain your portfolio of properties, be it a single dwelling or a number of holdings.


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