"Awesome therapeutics!"
-- DE Lance Johnstone, then with the Oakland Raiders, with Dr. Richman

Learn the secrets of the "super athlete"

Increase muscle power up to 50% between plays

• Balance your body systems for optimum results all game long

Discover the "Instant Body Tune-up" to help prevent injury

Mega-Nutrition Therapy for long lasting peak performance!

Dr. Richard Richman, renowned Holistic Chiropractor and Kinesiologist, invites you to increase your

explosiveness, mental sharpness, and endurance - quickly, and without drugs of any kind. These

advanced Energetic Medicine & Bio-Engineering health methods give you the winning edge, prolong

your career, and enhance your life. Get "the difference that makes the difference" - NOW!

Dr. Richard Richman, D.C., N.D.
Has worked with members of the Raiders / Warriors / A's since 1982 including:
Lance Johnstone Henry Lawrence Bobby Chandler Purvis Short Vida Blue

(510) 523-2120

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