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Marketing Tips

Great Mobile Marketing Ideas for Growing Your Business


  1. Track the ROI effectiveness of your marketing campaigns -
    You can track the ROI for ALL your marketing campaigns by simply adding to a text message call to action that includes a UNIQUE "Mobile Keyword" into each one of your campaigns. You will be able to see clearly which of your offers are the most effective, so you can put your marketing dollars where they'll do the most good.

  2. Use mobile coupons to increase sales and profits - You can increase your sales volume and sales frequency by sending out mobile coupons. You will be able to see results from your mobile coupon campaigns within hours, and in some cases even minutes!

  3. Add a Text Message option to your website opt-in forms -
    Start collecting mobile numbers from people opting in to your email lists, and you can triple your response rates instantly. Once people respond to the automated confirmation text message sent to their cell phone, you can start marketing to them via text message as well as email. And the best part is, it's all on autopilot!

  4. Set up Mobile Contests - Build your active prospect list rapidly by holding a give-away or contest. Get people to text a keyword (such as "WIN") to your SkyVault Mobile dedicated number. This not only creates a huge list fast, it also generates a big BUZZ about your company. And getting people to spread your name by word of mouth is the most effective advertising method you can use.

  5. Explode your response rates by combining text messages with video - We all know video marketing is an extremely powerful way to build a brand and generate sales. But rather than just hoping your prospects and customers will see your video online, why not send it right to them on their mobile device?

    By integrating your video strategy with your text marketing, you can show your video to people who want what you offer and get them to take action in a much more powerful way. Use your video to bring them to your website, or to get them to text a keyword that gives them access to other offers you have available.

  6. Use Text Message Reminders and Appointment Confirmations - Use your text marketing capability to remind your customers of special events, sales or even confirm appointments. This is a great tool for medical professionals, churches, auto repair shops, schools, and more.

    Bonus benefit: You will not only increase your sales volume and purchase frequency, you will also be able to lower your outstanding accounts receivables - by integrating your billing process as well! Your customers will realize that staying current with you will keep the great offers coming, and that's a much better motivation than dunning letters!

  7. Mobile Customer Service - Do your customers frequently ask the same questions before they buy from you? Address those questions in your mobile marketing campaign, along with a special offer for those who visit your website and complete a short survey. This gets prospects involved with your company, and raises your "top of mind" value tremendously!


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. As a SkyVault Mobile client, you'll reap the benefits of all sorts of strategies that our "Marketing Mindset" geniuses continually make available to you and your business.


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