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Where to Find a Cash Windfall of $10,000 to $1,000,000 You Never Knew You Had
by Jay L. Abraham

There is a rather famous true story called “Acres of

It is about a successful farmer who risks everything
searching the African continent for diamonds. Ultimately he
dies sick and penniless, while the new owner of his farm
uncovers on his property the largest single diamond ever
known to man.

Point of fact: After helping hundreds of thousands of
entrepreneurs and business owners, I’ll lay odds that story
is true for YOU in more ways than you are currently willing
to admit to yourself.

No matter where you are on the success continuum, your
ability to generate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars
in immediate windfall income is well within your reach.

I know firsthand, because everyday, I am paid handsomely to
do just that by my clients and associates.

Now, no one likes to be told that they are sitting on a
diamond mine, especially when they don’t see it for
themselves. So please allow me to give you some advice which
could potentially generate a cash jackpot of between $10,000
and $1,000,000 almost overnight.

“What’s the secret?”, you ask impatiently.

I’ll tell you flat out: Your hidden wealth is buried in
your email’s hiding in your client list...and it
lies dormant in your vendor list. I could go on and on.

Here’s the secret in a nutshell: One of the places your
hidden wealth lies is in the trusted relationships you’ve
cultivated with people over the years.

Let me prove my point with a quick example. I recently did a
consult with a client who has a wonderful nutritional
product. His own clients are very enthusiastic about the
results they get.

At the same time, although he is successful, he is also cash
poor. He needs a cash infusion of hundreds of thousands of
dollars to be able to fund the building up of his business.

What’s the solution? A banker? An angel investor? A partner?
Venture capital? Maybe, but I think there might be an
easier way.

Here’s what I suggested to him: I told him to write a
heartfelt letter to his most devoted clients which tells
his story and includes an offer that they pre-pay for a
year’s worth of his product to help him build his company.
In return for their support, they’ll receive very
preferential discounts and unique bonuses from him.

Will the strategy it work? Maybe. Maybe not. We won’t know
until we test it. But the premise is sound because the odds
are exceedingly high that many of his clients will empathize
with him and want to be a part of his success by helping
him achieve his goals.


Because they trust him.

Now some of you will be a bit hard headed and say “But I
don’t have a product” or “I don’t have a client list” or
“I don’t have a business”.

So let me say it again: YOUR windfall opportunity lies in
the trusted relationships YOU have cultivated. And your
wealth-building opportunities will be kaleidoscopically
different from everybody else’s.

Here another way of looking it:

Wealth = Opportunity = Trusted Relationships

Now here’s the big question. Whether you own a business or
not, how can you put this information into action

My answer for you: Well, the most success-certain way I
know is by engineering joint ventures with people. It’s
my absolute favorite way of building businesses...generating
enduring streams of income...and especially creating instant
windfall profits.

Of the $7 Billion in profits I am credited with, at least
$2.5 Billion has been generated doing lucrative joint

Solely by learning how to become a joint venture deal-maker
who understands the money-making opportunities and “money
connections” that exist all around you, you could
turn-around almost any problem...make almost any amount of
money you desire...and live a life most people only dream of.

Try it! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised
the results you achieve.

About the Author:
Jay Abraham is a legendary business builder and marketing genius. Jay is also one of the worlds foremost experts on Joint Ventures. If you’d like to learn more about Jay Abraham’s new EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE six month Joint Venture Mentorship program, go to

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