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Wealth Based Retirement Plan -

How to Retire in Mexico

If you're worried about the financial challenges of the
retirement years, you can either drastically cut down
on your expenses or change your environment and live
a better life for less. In Mexico's Caribbean Costa Maya,
two people can cover their basic necessities for around
$800 a month which includes food, utilities, gasoline,
and healthcare. Any additional money above and beyond
that is yours to spend on dining out, site seeing, traveling,
and enjoying life.

Things to do in the Costa Maya:
The Costa Maya is one of the richest places in the world
in terms of natural beauty and outdoor activities. If you're
plan for retirement is to spend healthy time outdoors
enjoying the sunshine and the natural wonders that the
world has to offer, there are few more exquisite places
than the Costa Maya.

Scuba divers, snorkelers, and fishermen from all around the
globe travel to this area of Mexico for the unparallel experience.
Retirement on your own piece of beachfront Costa Maya
property means that you can snorkel as often as you please
right from your own front yard. There are also Mayan ruin
sites to visit, ceynotes to relax in, fishing tours to take part in,
horses to ride along the beach front, and much more.

Where is the Costa Maya?
The Costa Maya is located on the Yucatan Peninsula along
the Caribbean Sea. If you're imagining white sandy beaches,
crystal clear waters, and tropical foliage, you've got the right
image. The 57 mile stretch of coastal land lies just south of
Cancun and Playa del Carmen, two somewhat recently
established yet highly successful vacation and retirement

Costa Maya real estate prices:
Even with all of the benefits that this area of Mexico offers,
Caribbean beachfront Costa Maya real estate lots are selling
for as little as $50,000. Mexican banks don't offer the same
type of mortgage loan programs that are offered in the US, so
you'll need to buy property outright. But with the current cost
of Costa Maya real estate ringing in at less than some
automobiles, producing the property cost is a small hurdle for
many retiring Americans who have had profited from the US
housing boom.

Costa Maya real estate growth potential:
What's even more enticing about Costa Maya real estate is
its potential for growth. The Costa Maya is the current focus
of a government initiated effort to spark growth and tourism
in the area. This project focus is identical to the one that grew
Cancun from a sleepy fishing village into a major tourist
destination and retirement hotspot with 7 figure residential
property values.

The future of the Costa Maya:
Unlike Cancun, plans for the development of Costa Maya
real estate don't include strips of night clubs and bars. Instead,
the area is staged to become a destination for eco tourism,
meaning that while property values will rise with growth, growth
itself won't mean pillars of concrete and masses of congestion.

So while your friends are cutting back, taking on part-time jobs,
and shivering in the wintertime, you take a stance against the
average life and enjoy a retirement that everyone dreams about
in the Caribbean Costa Maya.

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Author is a writer for Caribbean Trust Real Estate who specialize
finding available real estate in Mexico. For more information you
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