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Wealth Based Retirement Plan -

Your Retirement Plan Should Be Both Flexible And Allow You To Track Your Established Goals.
by Abigail Vanderbeek

When developing your plan, one of the first things you
need to consider is flexibility in your savings. Some
savings options include being able to change your main
retirement fund and having the ability to decide what you
want in your portfolio.

Another option to improve flexibility in your retirement
should include the ability to changes the location of your
money. Because there are continuous fluctuations in the
retirement funds, and not all of the stay where they are,
you should be able to move yours when you feel it
necessary. Some funds are less risky than others, as
well. Since it is possible that the fund you’ve invested
in could have problems, you should have the flexibility to
move your investment so somewhere safer.

With this in mind, if you are counting on Social Security
as your only form of retirement savings, you may want to
rethink this plan. There are a lot of reports that
suggest those who are relying strictly on Social Security
for their retirement may be in trouble if the system is
unable to support all of the people who will need it in
the future, as is indicated by current estimates.

Other examples of retirement plans you may want to
reevaluate are ones like the 401K. Once considered risk
free, they are not now as safe as the once were. Analyze
your plan and if it seems like it may not be enough to
support you during you retirement you may have to find
another way to save.

Flexibility is something that you need to build into your
retirement plan before it is too late to make changes.
One way to accomplish this is to diversify your retirement
portfolio. Be sure to invest in several different
companies and make sure those investments are spread
across a variety of industries. If there is a financial
crisis in a particular industry, it usually affects all
companies involved. By diversifying you’ll ensure that
your retirement investment won’t be wiped out, because you
won’t have all of your money in one place.

Consistency in your contribution is a huge concern. Even
if you get into a financial crunch and want to stop paying
in for a few months, this is the last place that you
should cut your budget. Once you stop making
contributions, it can be difficult to get back into the

Take charge of your own retirement plan, if you want to be
assure the funds will be available when you need them.
Follow the advice listed above and spread your retirement
money out across a diversity of plans, be flexible and
ready to move your savings if the economy changes, and
always be consistent in your contributions.

About the Author:
Abigail Vanderbeek is the editor of Retirement SS, a
foremost resource for all your retirement information needs
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