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5 Explosive Marketing Strategies For Exponential Business Growth!
by Jo Han Mok

Do you know the answer to this question?

“What can you do now to INSTANTLY increase the profitability of
your business?”

Well, the answer is surprising simple.

Change your strategy.

Your strategy is the master purpose of your business. It’s the
fabric that binds your business systems together and the bedrock
of your business’s entire operating approach.

Here are 5 ‘instantly deployable’ strategies that can take your
business to new heights, regardless of what product or service
you’re selling.

Explosive Strategy #1: Big Picture Awareness

Napoleon Hill listed 'Accurate Thought' as one of the most
important success principles.

Most business owners don’t even “think” about their businesses
and simply adopt a reactive approach.

The truth is, you can’t go anywhere unless you know where you’re

And frankly, this is why so many businesses out there fail,
because they ‘know not what they’re doing’.

Try this simple exercise to cultivate Big Picture Awareness:

Get a whole bunch of colored pencils and a sketchpad, and start
creating a mind map of your business or next project.

You should be able to look at the mind map and instantly tell:

• Who’s doing what. (For instance, web-design --> Webmaster)
• The possible options your ‘prospect’ will take, and
the outcomes
• Points of upsell, downsell, cross-sell

In short, you should have every single piece of the ‘puzzle’

Objectively, your strategy should bring you the most results in
the shortest period of time on the most sustainable basis. Once
your master strategy is in place, everything else is merely

Explosive Strategy #2: Funnel Vision

Always remember: A Buyer, is a buyer, is a buyer.

Every business should capitalize on the lifetime value of the
customer through expansive repurchases of products and services.

Have a marketing funnel in place. Introduce ancillary products
that you deem to be performance enhancing. These can be other
people’s products which you can obtain from joint venturing.

Most importantly, you’ll want to graduate your customer to
higher ticket items as it’s high octane fuel for business

Explosive Strategy #3: The 'Inner Circle'

You’ll find that there are many people who are 'belongers'.

Such people tend to pride themselves in being a ‘part’ of an
elite group and highly value membership and association.

The savvy entrepreneur will do well to take advantage of such
behavioral traits and cater to this ‘select’ group.

There is a threefold advantage in doing so. Firstly, it’s a
highly efficient way to ‘bundle’ goods or services together.
Secondly, it’s a great way to introduce continuity in your
business, and last but not least, it encourages

Explosive Strategy #4: Identifying Hyper-responsiveness

Have you ever encountered a customer who seems to buy almost
anything you put out? Customers who seem to be on “standby”,
waiting just to grab just about anything new that you put out
or recommend?

It’s a great idea to group such people into an “A-list”.

The ‘high rollers’ if you will.

Usually, such people will come from your own database, and it
should be your business priority to encourage hyper-responsive
behavior. Make sure hyper-responsiveness is always well rewarded
with surprise bonuses, freebies, and nurturing communication.

Remember, because of the Pareto principle, 80% of your profits
will come from 20% of your customers. Guess who belongs to the

Explosive Strategy #5: Multiple Income Sources

You’re practically leaving money on the table if your business
is limited to a few channels.

Affiliate Programs have made it possible for almost any business
to make money from ancillary products at a few mouse clicks.

Why go through the hassle of product development and the costs
associated with it. Remember, you’re never in the ‘business’ of
anything, but you’re always in the business of marketing the

And all you have to do as an affiliate is basically market.

Though many affiliate programs are free to join, it would always
be a good idea to purchase the product in question and do a
thorough review first before recommending it.

While you don’t exactly need ‘brass balls’, it is imperative to
note though, that as an information facilitator, you should feel
good about recommending a product that you sincerely know will
benefit your list, and not be afraid of getting ‘flamed’ for
trying to pitch.

If someone is offended and unsubscribes, then just shrug and say
‘next’. You don’t need such people on your list.

There you have it, my “Big Five” strategies for optimal business
growth and profitability.

Use them, and watch your business take on a new dynamism! A
positive side effect may include swelling of your bank account.

Best of all, they don’t cost a cent to implement, so don’t wait.

The time is now.

About the Author:
Jo Han Mok is a frequent guest and featured speaker at
Internet Marketing bootcamps and conferences on subjects
such as copywriting and Joint Venture Marketing. Visit his
website to get a simple step-by-step plan that can take you
from ground zero to having money deposited in your bank
account from an online business every single day for the
rest of your life! ==>

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