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Wealth Based Retirement Plan -

The Challenge? $5,000 in your pocket by the
end of 30 days
by Jeff Fenske

Day 1 of 30 of a step-by-step detailed plan:

This response was from Kevin Bidwell who has been called an
“Internet Phenomenon.” Keep in mind this is only Day one and
the complete 30 day response is available in the resource
section at the end of this article. Note: You are welcome to
republish this article as long as the resource box is included
at the end.

Day One – Creating My Strategy

I would begin by taking time to reflect on where my life is,
has been and is going. I know that I have been in tight spots
before and have always overcome and I would take time to remind
myself that I have what it takes to deal with and overcome this
obstacle as well.

Here is the goal: $5,000 profit in my pocket in 30 days.

This is a huge goal. Despite what sales pages may often claim
(you don’t really believe all that do you?), making $5,000 in
profit in any 30 day period takes most people at least a year to
achieve—if they get there at all. This will take a solid plan
with perfect execution (and maybe a little luck!) to accomplish
in just 30 days.

Here are some things I already know about accomplishing this
(you may not know these things yet if you don’t have experience

1) Affiliate programs are out unless they pay immediately since
most will not pay for sales made on days 15 or later until
the middle or end of the following month, and I can’t wait
that long for my money.

2) The same would be true of most payment systems like
ClickBank: a sale made on day 25, for instance, would not
be paid until 15 days past the end of the month, more than
two weeks late for my purposes.

3) If I get my own merchant account, it will take only two
business days for sales to be credited to my checking

4) I will have to come up with some “operating capital”
fast—there really isn’t any way to avoid some expense,
and I am FLAT BROKE.

5) I need a product I can earn a net profit of around $25 or
more on and make at least 200 sales in order to meet my

6) 200 sales result from 20,000 targeted visits to a sales page
with good follow-up (this assumes a 1% conversion rate).

7) 20,000 targeted visits come from 40,000 people reading a
recommendation by a trusted newsletter editor—if they
received the recommendation on a Friday.

8) About 25% of the subscribers to a newsletter actually open
and read a given recommendation. This number decreases
sharply as a subscriber’s time on the list ages (i.e.:
50% or more for subscribers in their first month, 5% or
less after six months.)

9) Digitally delivered products are the easiest to sell and
have the lowest “per sale” costs, allowing for more profit
per sale for me. This means I will focus on a software
application or eBook that can be sold for around $50 and
easily downloaded by the customer.

10) I can get hosting for free as well as my merchant account,
but I will have a number of expenses to deal with. I need
to have about $250 just to make sure I have money for
everything I need. I will do a yard sale to get this

11) Many more sales result from 3-4 mailers rather than a
single one.

So, I take all these things into account as I make my plan. I
plan backwards, starting with the end goal, taking into account
the time each of these will take.

I will also endeavor to build my own list in the target market
as large as possible so I can offer them my product at a reduced
“before it goes public” rate. This will offer them the chance
to purchase one week before the general public. If I can build
a good-sized list I with some credibility, I can get as many as
half to visit my site and many of those will buy from me.

Here is a timeline of how everything will break down:

Target Date - Activity Completed
----------- ------------------

Day 30, Tues - $5,000 total cash profit placed into my account.
Big Party!

Day 28, Sun - 200 Sales must be completed (See 3 above).

Day 28, Sun - Follow-Up mailer is made to people who were
mailed on Friday (see 11 above).

Day 26, Fri - My product is recommended to a total of 250,000
subscribers by a number of respected newsletter
editors (See 7 and 8).

Day 25, Thu - A “last chance” email is sent to my subscribers
(See 11 above).

Day 24, Wed - A total of 250,000 subscribers receive a “pre”
mailer telling them about the coming mail on
Friday (See 11 above).

Day 22, Mon - A follow-up mailer is sent to my list
(See 11 above).

Day 19, Fri - A sales mailer is sent to my list (numbering about
2,000), 50% of those visit the site over the
weekend resulting in 10 sales (See 11 above).

Day 18, Thu - Everything is completed and tested, ready to go.

Day 17, Wed - I write follow-up emails.

Day 16, Tue - I write the sales letter text.

Day 15, Mon - I begin sending the eBook or software to editors
for their review.

Day 15, Mon - I complete the product (either software or eBook).

Day 7, Sun - Yard sale complete with $250 profit.

Day 4, Thu - While I continue to work on my product and contact
joint venture partners, I also put together some
free advertising for a yard sale to be held over
the weekend.

Day 3, Wed - Begin contacting possible joint venture partners.

Day 2, Tue - I research market and product choice and begin
creation of the product.

I now copy all this down into a check list for me, this time
starting with day two and ending with day 30.

This timeline leaves very little room for error and will require
a ton of concentrated work. I need to make sure I walk every
day and keep up my spiritual routines as well so I don’t get

The preceding article is a condensed version of a response to
a challenge that was submitted to many successful ‘internet
gurus’. The challenge was, in a nutshell, if you were to
instantly lose everything you had and you only had a roof over
your head for 30 days-what would you do to build an online cash
generating business in that 30 days? Detail it step by step. We
didn’t have time in this article to detail it completely so I
have condensed only Day 1 of 30. I hope this condensed version
helps you.

See the entire offer and the entire 30 day response at
. Click on ‘Free Sample Chapter’.

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