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perfume, rings, and a rose
Journey in Cool Waters
by Brett Krkosska


Long ago I traveled the stars on a velvet stream of vibrant energy. A song of infinite beauty lilted refrains of everlasting adventure and ascending joy. It was a time of no time; a journey of tranquility within the unending dance of motion and creation.

I knew myself as the thread and the garment of the All That Is. I knew myself to be the one and the many, nowhere and everywhere, powerful and powerless. Nothing was separate from that which I was and nothing was impossible within the never ending space of stars within stars.

A thought in me emerged that I would come to physicality. In the space of a body I would explore the possibility of wholeness through the illusion of separateness.

I would feel the call of the senses as in the way an apple yearns for the ground; even though the limb provides its nourishment. I would truly experience the comfort of warm waters through the contrast of a frigid ocean.

For who can admire the whole beauty of the tree while tethered to her limbs? And who can coo at the warmth if there is no cold? Truly, was my thought, I would come to absolute knowledge of the beautiful Light through the lens of contrast. I would know my Love not unlike a rose that is scaffolded in sublime comfort above a sanguine blanket of thorns.

As the conviction of my thought coalesced into action, a question came upon me...

What if I become lost? What if the cold ocean of this body swallows me whole and no life raft comes to my aid? Could I return?

Fear not I was assured. Nothing which is of the whole is ever cast to the bottom of the ocean. All shall be made whole at the time of your choosing. Even if you neglect to ask the question, your desires are known and the answer is given.

And on the eve of my journey a new song burst forth - a chorus rich with compassionate surety - and heralded these tidings:

The source of love and nurturing is with you and flows through you at all times. There is never a time, even in your darkest hours, when I am not with you.

Freewill shall be yours. Whatsoever you may ask for, it shall be granted. From the lowliest of desires to the grandest aspirations, whether beckoned from the depths of fear or the pinnacle of love, it shall all be yours for the asking. The Source of Life shall be at your service so that your journey of contrast may come to fruition.

You shall know when your thoughts and actions do not match the intended desires of your highest self, for your feelings will be your guiding light. If you are on the path of your highest good you will feel joy and freedom, and if you stray you will feel discord and disharmony. Watch for this beacon of emotions and you will know the path. Choose another thought or another action in times of trouble, and let your feelings in response to these new thoughts or actions move you towards the Light.

You can not fail. It does not matter what words you speak or what actions you take during your journey, for you shall return to the bosom of love and you will be embraced for the being of love which you are. All things return to love for that is All There Is.

And now I slumber through my days and nights, and at times I hear the chorus of this song as a faint whisper... beckoning me to awaken.

I dip my hands in the cool, cool water and smile. For I feel the gentle nudge to awaken even though there is no warmth in these currents. I turn my thoughts to the melody and feel the beacon as it guides me... to open and loving arms.


About the Author:
Brett Krkosska is a freelance writer and syndicated columnist. Visit his site, http://www.GodUnplugged.com for perspectives and commentary on the issues of life.

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