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The Cruise Dream
Copyright © 2005, Jeni Crossiere


Have you ever dreamed of a cruise? Intimate dinners with
family or perhaps someone new? A close evening of dancing
followed by a moonlight stroll around the deck, watching the
full moon? Perhaps you dream of a huge family reunion as you
go from port to port and re-establish closeness. Whatever
your fantasy, it undoubtedly is peaceful, joyous, and

The opportunities on a cruise are almost unlimited for
parties with old friends, or to seek out new friendships, or
having an extended vacation with family and friends. When
you book a cruise you open a door to a new way of life.

For some engaged couples, a cruise is the perfect solution
to the thousands of decisions that need to be made. The
cruise consultant can arrange almost all the details except
the brides' dress, and sometimes that, too. Some of the
services offered include having a member of the clergy
available to perform your service, a reception dinner that
is held in a most exquisite setting, and of course it will
include dancing, usually with a live band and your choice of
music style. Being on the cruise, your honeymoon trip is all
planned. The stops at exotic places allow private, intimate
time for the bride and groom, while the rest of the wedding
party can continue to also have fun. One of the biggest
wedding challenges is cleaning up afterwards, and that's one
of the specialties of the cruise ship staff. You don't have
to lift a finger or even supervise the staff.

Cruise ships delight in serving their guests of all ages.
They provide supervised play time for the children, with a
multitude of games and outings for the adults. Families can
truly 'play' without the stress of shopping and cooking.
Family outings or reunions on a cruise ship are becoming
quite popular, as Great-Grandma can participate as well as
the two-year-old. The whole family can bond with memories
that won't be erased.

For the millions who live with health challenges, a cruise
can be a perfect solution. Major cruise lines are careful to
anticipate the needs of a large segment of society and
provide handicap-accessible rooms and restrooms. Those with
diabetes can have a diet served that doesn't harm them. The
goal of the cruise ship management is that everyone,
regardless of health, have their needs met.

Trips to exotic locations with sandy beaches, palm trees,
and sunshine every day are typical of many visions that the
word 'cruise' conjures up. Yet, just as typical are dreams
of the Alaskan coast and shrimp canneries and penguins
sunning themselves. Some of these cruises may last a week or
a month, while others might last a day or a weekend.
Whatever fits your time schedule, your budget, and your
fantasy can be arranged.

Never give up your dream of a cruise. The next time the urge
bites you to get away, whether for a month, a weekend or an
evening, just go for it!

About the Author:
Jeni Crossiere is the owner and webmaster of Folk Cruise, a
leading Internet directory for cruise and travel information.
For more cruise information and resources, please stop by:

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