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What if I told you there was a man who once held the position of one of the TOP 6 executives inside Equifax (one of the top 3 credit bureaus) and that he held the most powerful secrets regarding YOUR credit?

And what if I also told you that this same man confided in me and just a few other people that the 3 largest credit bureaus (i.e., Equifax, Experian and Trans Union) had a *TOP SECRET* agreement with the US Federal government of America to deliberately keep people prisoners of heavy interests and debts to banks, financial institutions, creditors, etc?

Would this shock or even surprise you?

It shouldn’t. And to back all this up with one plain and simple fact that you can’t deny, just consider this:

“The Federal Reserve Bank reports that about $1 trillion a day passes through it – and where just $150 billion of this is from the sale of ‘tangibles, such as goods and services. The other $850 billion a day is from ‘usury’ – the taxation or interest on money!

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In case you didn’t do the simple math, $850 billion to $150 billion is a 5 2/3-to-1 ratio!

This means that “we” as consumers are forced to pay another 5.67 times what something’s worth in interest on top of the actual cost of the item sold! (And this should make you sick!)

The Federal Reserve System itself was the most feared ‘monster’ by Thomas Jefferson and many of our forefathers! For proof, click here!

With this type of system we’re surely doomed if we don’t get immediate help.

More evidence that the US Government is in cahoots with the 3 top-dog credit bureaus is the obvious:

“Recently a statistical study revealed that today about 60% of all consumers over the age of 18 have at least some type of credit troubles as compared to just 1 in 4 (25%) just 15 years ago.

Today, the average family carries a balance of between $7,000 and $10,000 on all their credit cards, and overall Americans spend over $1 trillion alone on their credit cards, and owe $500 billion of it! Want proof, click here now!

Destroy your bad debt!


What’s worse, the credit reporting system is deliberately created to manufacture incorrect data and errors that adversely affect people’s credit so that they are forced to endure having to pay more in interests on the money they borrow.

Some statistics report as many as 79% of all credit reports (that’s about 160 million reports from any one credit bureau!) contain sufficient errors! And on top of this, 25% were severe errors that greatly damaged people’s real credit worthiness! Want proof, click here now!

With a fouled up system like this, it’s no wonder you’re having great financial and credit troubles. Why even with your best intentions in mind, the ‘system’ is deliberately designed to ruin your life, and make you a slave to greedy banks and lenders, with no chance of escape or relief!

“And why not? Do you honestly think that banks are out to give you a break? Do you honestly think that the courts have laws in place to help you over the banks that can afford to buy off lobbyists to get legislation passed favoring them over you?

Let’s get something straight right here and now: banks are out to make money! And they only care about you to the degree that it favors them. The very minute you need something that affects a loss to them, just see how much they are out to help you then!

I’m not trying to ruin your day, or make you depressed – nor am I a cynic. But I am out to shatter your beliefs that the system was designed to help you (and because it’s the truth!)

And if left to continue on its course, the system is only going to get worse – much worse in fact!

“Within the next 10 years, as many as 87% of all consumers may have a bad credit rating!

So in the next few years YOU have nearly a 9 in 10 chance of being affected in a very bad way by a huge system that was deliberately designed to damage your finances and make you a prisoner of “the system.”

And it all started with the Federal Reserve Banking System. For proof you need to read the book found here! (For unbiased opinions by those who’ve read this book, click here!)

Consumer debt outstanding

For PROOF, click here or the picture above!


So if you can honestly read everything I’ve told you up till this point and just ignore what I’ve said, then you’re at great risk of becoming the next victim of this horrible racket (if you haven’t become a victim already!)

“But now there really is a SUPER-HERO that will destroy your bad credit and dissolve your debts so you won’t be a prisoner to ‘The System!’”

I can’t disclose his real name here for fear that he might be shot! No kidding. This man is amazing and can help millions of people beat the system.

But I can tell you a lot more about him…

He worked with Equifax for 18 years, and held one of the TOP 6 positions in the highest office there.

He confided in me and several other people that he learned something so evil while working at one of the largest credit bureaus in the United States that it really frightened him!

He said to us that there is a ‘set of top secret’ rules kept in a vault that only 6 people know about (and he was one of these six people!)

These rules and top secret protocols were written by banking experts, Harvard law school scholars, economists, high-ranking politicians and mathematicians (specializing in energy-management systems).

Together they came up with a “legal” system that would deliberately keep the majority of consumers (i.e., about 98%) down in the dumps economically. The ONLY group that would be less affected would be the TOP 0.03% of the mighty rich. (Surprised?)

For the last few years of his employment at this credit bureau he was made privy to all of this, and further found out that all 3 top credit bureaus have the same set of secret documents they adhere to.

Most people know that any other company calling themselves a credit bureau is just really a ‘wholesaler’ of the credit reports as published and maintained by these GIANT 3 credit bureaus – so they have a very real monopoly on YOUR credit scores and financial history, and they can do practically anything they want to you!

But here’s what happened…

This TOP executive was basically a good gentleman, and although he went along with what he learned, he woke up one morning realizing he just couldn’t keep on doing this. He realized that he was an integral part of a giant system that really was hurting people by the tens-of-million’s (not just 1 or 2 people, which in itself would be bad enough!)

In his tenure at the credit bureau he learned these secret rules in and out, until he was a very real expert on how they truly worked.

In them were deliberately designed ‘escape routes’ usually for the rich or the privileged or anyone that the government may select as being of value to them.

“This man knew that there would always be these shortcuts and escape routes so that he could take anyone he wanted and forever release them from being a prisoner of bad credit and debts!”

He also knew that he could even get away with helping many thousands of people without getting too much attention or ruining what the powers-that-be were secretly doing.

Suffering from a bad conscience, this same man decided enough was enough, and said ‘good-bye’ to the credit bureau, moved to Florida, and started a business helping people get freed from this ruthless system!

And that’s where we have it today: a very real man who possesses ‘insider’ know-how on a system that officially doesn’t exist (as if it were acknowledged, the credit bureaus and the government would be put on trialalthough there would be no court to prosecute them! … Surprised?)

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That’s right! He does NOTHING ILLEGAL to fix all your debts and bad credit. What he does (although I can’t tell you here as that would give it all away!) has nothing to do with breaking the law, hacking into the credit bureaus database, or anything else like that!

Instead, what he does is use the very “out clauses” and “escape routes” deliberately engineered to help out only a select few privileged enough to know about them!

You will however have to pay his 1-time initial services fee of just $497* – but when compared to what he can do for you, that’s not a lot!

As soon as he receives your payment, he will ask you to send him your information (such as your social, your address, your prior address, you full name, any previous name you may have had, etc.) and so he can locate your file(s) and begin to clean up your bad credit and dissolve all your debts forever!

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