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Got any items, a collection, or "junk" you want to sell?

Don't quite know what's in your barn, attic, or storage shed? Scott, Ben, and Dave want to hear from you today!

The American DIGGERS will be touring the country again soon. email us a text description of your junk, heirlooms, or collection. If selected, you'll be featured on one of our online radio broadcasts!

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Item: 1997 Kawasaki Mule
Bought for: $1200
Sold for: $3200
Profit: $2000



- A nationwide list of flea markets!






How to Use This Site

We're on a mission….to show the average person in America how, with a little "digging", you too can create income to make ends meet or change your lifestyle. We don’t charge you even a penny for this expertise and advice. This site is our way of sharing what we've learned through personal experience.

There is lots of money to be made buying at garage sales, yard
sales and pawn shops... and then selling these items either online
or at a flea market. We do it every day, and we can show you how
to do it too !

Tips and Tools

The biggest secret to buying and selling is this: You make your money when you buy, and you cash in when you sell. In other words, research your item before you buy it so you can buy right. This not only help you make more money, it will also save you from losing money on a "white elephant". These days, with so many great tools available, there is simply no excuse for making a bad buy. Here are five fundamental tools and techniques to get you started right:

1) Get the eBay app for iTune or Blackberry. This will allow you to look up your item in the "completed history" section of eBay to see its real market value before you buy. Never fall for a bogus sales pitch again.

2) If you're using T-mobile, get yourself a Sidekick LX. You can pick one up on eBay for about $75, and get a monthly flex plan for around $1 a day. Then next time you're not familiar with a brand name or an item, just use your phone and look it up on eBay!

3) Another great research technique is combining the awesome reach of Google with the power of CraigsList. For example, say I'm looking at a Snap-On MT2500 someone wants to sell me. I've never heard of this model, so I go to and type in "snap-on mt2500 craigslist". This gives me a list of CraigsList ads around the country, and I can click on them to see what people are asking.

Keep in mind, you'll get a whole range of prices with this technique. I tend to throw out the high numbers and the low ones, to make sure I'm getting a more accurate read.

4) The "rebuy" technique. I also have the craigslist app on my iPhone. This allows me to easily check CL several times a day. You can do it from your PC or laptop, but the point is to monitor CL often.  

A few weeks back, while waiting for a table in a restaurant, I came across a Lincoln SA-200 welder for sale at $450. The owner brought this huge machine to the parking lot where I was. I bought it, took some better photos, and re-listed it on CraigsList. Total time invested: about 15 minutes. It sold for $2200 a week later.

The same technique works great with newspaper classifieds, yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets.

5) Books, CD's, DVD's and Video Games (the software, not the units). This is a specialty area that can make you big money fast. There are many DVD's and Video Games worth more than $100, and lots more worth between $10 and $100. You can buy them every day of the week for as little as 50¢ each.

The secret? Checking the barcode on the back of the item with . This can be done manually, or a little scanning device can make your life much easier. Try the Red Laser app for iPhone (it uses the iPhone's camera as a scanner), or use the ASeller Tool barcode scanner. It tells you in advance what an item will sell for on Amazon, and you can scan a stack of media bar codes in seconds. Check out our video about it here .

BONUS TIP: College textbooks are a hidden gold mine. Keep an eye out for them at yard sales and thrift stores; you'll have almost no competition.

Buying merchandise for resale is no longer a gamble; now it's a simple science. By putting your technology and creativity to work, you too can create your own personal economic recovery.



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We are based in Florida, which gives us lots of practice
because there are garage sales and flea markets year-round.


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