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When my mother first dragged me to a yard sale. From then on, I could see and smell the money I could be earning. I was out to do one thing and one thing only; to make money buying and selling for profit.

And the money is there to be made. In fact, many times it's right under our noses. For example, I've made a habit of scanning all the college text books I see at yard sales. I've bought many a book at a yard sale for a quarter (that's right, 25 cents) and re-sold it on for $50.00.

During my junior high days, I sold school supplies, candy, bubble gum, and cinnamon flavored toothpicks (really high profit) right from my locker. Long before the Internet came along, I would scan all the local newspapers for things to buy and sell.

In the 1980s, I hooked up with a vendor that placed arcade video games in bars. I would buy all of his old games and resell them for a huge profit. As a result, I walked around constantly with a couple of grand in cash in my pocket - at the ripe old age of 15. I actually made more money than most of the college graduates I knew!



No money and no job? Instead of crying about it, take advantage of your opportunities. There is lots of cash all around you, just waiting to be made! Of course, for me, the real money is still at yard sales and flea markets.

I can‘t tell you how many times we've been at a flea market selling stuff at our own booth, when I've walked around to other tables and bought an item, then went back to my booth and resold it that same day for 5 times what I paid!

The key is to leverage your technology. Use your iPhone, Sidekick, Blackberry, or other "smart" device app to scan CraigsList for hidden bargains and beat your competition to the best deals.

Then check the completed auctions section of eBay to get an idea of the item's real market value. Can't find it on eBay? Use Google! That way, you'll never make a bad buy - because you'll know more about the item than the person selling it.

Start buying small, then start selling for a profit. Before you know it, you will have a nice cash flow. Be creative, be proactive, and take control of your own destiny!



I handle research, lead generation, and answering phones for the group. I'm also the person who answers your email questions. (Use our "Ask Dave" contact page to reach me directly.)

If you have something to sell and want us to take a look at it, drop me a line, and I'll get right back to you.

I've handled the research on thousands of items, and I just want to
remind you that your research is very important. If you are going to
purchase an item and you don’t know the value, or you never heard of the name brand, then just look up the exact same thing on completed history on eBay before you buy.

From time to time, we'll be posting videos of our buying trips, yard sales, and flea market sales here on .We want you to know, the money is there - just get up, go out there, and get it!




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Item: 1997 Kawasaki Mule
Bought for: $1200
Sold for: $3200
Profit: $2000





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We want to help you make money!

We are based in Florida, which gives us lots of practice
because there are garage sales and flea markets year-round.


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